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Callen's Castle will be a place for children of all abilities to have fun.  However, Callen's Castle will be different from most other parks in its attributes.  We are planning to construct a park that will be place for children with cognitive and/or physical challenges to join together with children who do not face the same challenges.  Having special equipment will help make this park just that!  We will work together with a number of companies that are experts in designing play structures that meet the developmental needs of all children. Some of the equipment we would like to see at this park are swings and a merry-go-round specifically for wheelchairs, foam mats, and a sensory area that incorporates textures and music. Along with a play-scape with ramps, we would like to see a mock city to help children learn about street lights, walk ways, street signs and rail road crossings in a safe and fun environment. 


How to help

This vision is going to take some of time and require a lot of support and compassion from the community.  There are many great ways to contribute to the construction of Callen's Castle:


Make a Monetary Donation






If you able to assist in organizing/overseeing a fundraiser, contact Lauren Clawson:






Time or Services

If you are an individual or company who is willing to donate time or services in the construction of the park, please contact Lauren Clawson.





Since the last update we have made great progress!! We have joined with the Parks Foundation in efforts for Callen's Castle and word of the park is spreading like crazy.  We are working to get the city to designate a location for the park and the possibility of building a Miracle League Field next to the Park!!  So much going on and we are excited about the wonderful success we have had thus far!!

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